Pratt School of Engineering Faculty Welcome to Apply for Associate Director Role

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Applications due September 10

The overall responsibilities and expectations of the Duke MEDx Associate Director are as follows:

This position is compensated through partial effort coverage. Individual goals for this position will be determined and reviewed annually.
Be an intellectual and strategic partner and accordingly work with the Executive Director to: 

  • Develop MEDx partnerships and areas for investment.
  • Create/review proposed opportunities (e.g. RFAs, grant opportunities, etc.).
  • Assist with the development strategic plans.
  • Understand gaps for investments and hires (SOM/Pratt appointments).
  • Develop/suggest opportunities for large scale funding from NSF, NIH, and industry.
  • Participate in the MEDx Cafe to discuss opportunities with students and faculty.
  • Assist in selection of the MEDx oversight board (internal/external) and in their meetings (1- 2x/year).
  • Meet regularly with MEDx leadership to discuss opportunities and direction, and make decisions.
  • Assist in identifying/developing cross-school educational opportunities/programs.
  • Participate from time to time in meetings with Deans, Provost, and BOV.
  • Participate in developing corporate relationships and philanthropic opportunities toward sustainability

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