Once again, Duke is in the Final Four!

Josh BroderDuke has been selected as one of four finalists from among 41 teams from eight countries in this year's GE Healthcare & Emergency Medicine Foundation Point of Care Challenge.Duke School of Medicine Emergency Physician Josh Broder, M.D.; Pratt School of Engineering graduate student Matthew Morgan, B.S.E.; and collaborators have invented a new device that enables low-cost 3D reconstructions of 2D ultrasound imaging to enable assessment of internal organs and cavities in non-native planes. This device creates images that are comparable in detail to the 3D pictures taken by Computed Tomography (CT scans), but it also takes advantage of the portability, speed, safety, and low-cost associated with ultrasound.

The team will study the use of the device in trauma patients in an attempt to identify bleeding sources while minimizing interruptions to critical parts of medical resuscitation, with a goal of shortening the time required to identify and treat internal hemorrhage. As a finalist, the team will receive a $50,000 research grant and ultrasound equipment. An additional grand prize of $150,000 will be awarded to the team obtaining the most votes for their research.

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