MEDx Thanks Associate Director Ken Gall

Ken Gall, PhD

Ken Gall, PhD, Professor (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science), has seen many notable accomplishments over the last five years in his role as the Associate Director of Duke MEDx.  

Gall partnered with MEDx Executive Director Donna Crenshaw, PhD, and Director, Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD, PhD, to focus the spotlight on interdisciplinary research and development, increase the variety and number of collaborations between clinicians and engineers, and support innovative projects through unique funding mechanisms at Duke.

In addition to elevating MEDx’s strategic approach, Gall has helped to innovate at the nexus of engineering and medicine through his own entrepreneurship. His orthopaedic medical device company, MedShape, was recently successfully acquired by Colfax subsidiary DJO, and his 3D printed implant Duke spinoff, Restor3d, raised $13 million and merged with Pennsylvania medtech firm Kinos Medical.

Now, in the light of the recent growth of Restor3d, Gall is stepping back from his administrative and teaching roles, retaining a part time appointment at Duke, to focus on his research group and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to join engineering innovation to medical problems in my role as MEDx Associate Director. Now, I am looking forward to focusing on the future directions of my research, my own startups, and my continued efforts helping Duke faculty navigate their ventures,” said Gall. “I have no doubt that the next Associate Director will bring fresh ideas to the table and further enhance the productive relationship between medicine and engineering established by MEDx”.

Gall will be instrumental in selecting the next Associate Director along with Ginsburg and Crenshaw. 

“Partnership from champions of innovation in both the Pratt School of Engineering and the School of Medicine who are dedicated to our students and faculty has been key to the success of MEDx,” said Gall. “We look forward to selecting a successor who reflects the commitment that has been demonstrated by the leadership in these two schools”. 

Gall, Crenshaw and Ginsburg envision the next addition to the MEDx team to be an intellectual and strategic partner who will build on the foundation set in part by Gall’s efforts.

Applications and a complete role description are now open to Pratt School of Engineering Faculty through a self-nomination process: Applications are due by September 10.

For additional questions please contact Geoffrey Ginsburg,