MEDx collaborates with TDHI on funding opportunities

MEDx is collaborating with the Translating Duke Health Initiative (TDHI) on two new funding opportunities for Duke faculty in the School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering.

TDHI is a multidisciplinary, multi-year commitment to harness the expertise and knowledge at Duke to address society’s most significant scientific and healthcare challenges and fulfill the vision of making discoveries and transforming health for millions.

The MEDx/TDHI collaboration will fund research that will benefit health by providing important disease insights or by developing technologies to aid in disease prevention, diagnosis or treatment. The MEDx-TDHI pilot awards will include one $100,000 award for a project related to Immunology, and multiple $50,000 awards for general pilot projects. These general pilots are encouraged – but not required– to focus in areas of rehabilitation medicine or the challenges addressed by the TDHI, including:

  • Keeping the heart young;
  • Brain resilience and repair;
  • Ending disease where it begins;
  • Controlling the immune system; and
  • Solid tumor brain metastases.

All projects must be collaborations between faculty members from the Pratt School of Engineering and the School of Medicine with a co-principal investigator from each school.

Proposals are due for both funding opportunities on August 29. Funding will begin on November 1 and will last through October 31, 2019.