IBM Watson Cloud Academy Workshop

IBM, Duke University and North Carolina Central University invite you to the

IBM Watson Cloud Academy Workshop

Thursday, July 19, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
at Schiciano Auditorium (Fitzpatrick Center)
Duke University (Durham, NC)


For more information, contact
Andy Rindos, Anand Singh, Kirsten Shaw
On July 19th, Duke University (with NCCU) will host an all-day IBM Watson Cloud Academy Workshop (taught by Prof. Anand Singh). The workshop will provide hands-on training on many of the IBM Watson, analytics and IoT cloud services that can be used in support of a wide-range of AI/cognitive-based research projects and curricula. It will also provide use cases of many typical biomedical, engineering and other problems that can be solved using these technologies. If time permits, the workshop will end with a project planning clinic, whereby faculty can discuss proposed projects.

Faculty, students and staff are welcome to attend. The goal is to train a critical number of Watson experts on a given campus, whose projects and curricula IBM will then continue to support through additional targeted education, required cloud services/resources and various university relations programs.
If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Andy Rindos, Anand Singh and Kirsten Shaw via email with your:

  • Name
  • Department
  • School affiliation.

To prepare for the on-campus hands-on Watson workshop, it is recommended that you take the following steps, obtaining free IBM Cloud trial accounts (that provide our Watson services), and then review the educational modules/material outlined below:

Obtain a free IBM Cloud trial account (that will provide you with free access to a subset of Watson services). Click on Watson and then select Cloud Access and then follow the directions to get your free account. Make sure you properly choose either Faculty/Staff or Students at the top left. (Faculty get a free 12-month trial subscription, while students get 6 months. Both are continuously renewable so long as one remains a professor or student.) If you are having problems contact Andy et al. immediately for help.

Go to the free Educator Guides page. Review the material for the "Updated Watson Education Guide" and complete the Lab and Exercises. You might also want to look at the "New Chatbots for Good facilitator guide". Of course, feel free to peruse the Educator Guides for analytics, IoT, blockchain, etc. Next.................

Go to the Watson Academic Engagement page and go through the "Application Starter Kit", "API Documentation" and "Watson on Github" and other material there.

Go to the IBM Watson Academy page at  and go through the material under "IBM Watson and Cloud Platform", especially material on NLP, Dialog, Assistant, Discovery and Watson Knowledge Studios. Feel free to also peruse "Watson Health" and "Other Watson Resources". (You should be able to immediately access a subset of these educational modules using your university IDs.

We will be providing regular updates and additional preparatory material (including a detailed agenda) up through July 19.