Fundamentals of Intellectual Property: A Workshop for Inventors

As an engineer or scientist you conceive of new product ideas, discover new treatments for disease, or write original software. Do you know how to protect these ideas so that they can be effectively disseminated? Do you know whether your idea is patentable, and what it takes to get a patent? Do you know what other forms of intellectual property are available to protect your innovations, such as copyrights for your software?

 This workshop, sponsored by Engineering Entrepreneurial Ventures and MEDx, is designed for inventors and aspiring inventors. Gregory J. Carlin, from Meunier Carlin & Curfman, will provide an oversight of intellectual property law, including the different forms of intellectual property, with a deep dive into patent structure and the patenting process. He will share insights developed over a career spent in academia, industry, and his own boutique IP law firm. This interactive workshop will teach you how to read a patent, understand its legal meaning, and protect your own ideas. A representative of Duke’s Office of Licensing and Ventures will join the workshop to provide guidance on processes specific to Duke inventors.

Registration Required. If after registering you find that you will be unable to attend, please contact Julia Walker at