External Funding Opportunity: NC Biotech Translational Research Grant

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is currently offering a funding opportunity that may be of interest to members of the Duke community.

The Translational Research Grant (TRG) program funds projects that explore potential commercial applications or initiate the early commercial development of university-held life science inventions. 

The goals of the TRG program are

  • Transform basic research discoveries into product-focused translational research development
  • Generate data that addresses important product development milestones, addresses the concerns of potential licensees or investors, or otherwise de-risks the technology for a specific commercial application
  • Enable strategic “go/no-go” decision-making regarding further technology development and/or pursuit of intellectual property protection
  • Enable technology licensing efforts by the university
  • Establish goal-oriented partnerships between university scientists, product development professionals, and key stakeholders

Up to $100,000 may be requested for the technical and business development activities; an additional $10,000 supplement is available to support a project manager if one is not available to researchers through the applicant institution.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 26 at noon

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