DiMe Virtual Journal Club: Investigating Sources of Inaccuracy in Wearable Optical Heart Rate Sensors

Friday, April 10, 2020 - 12:00pm

Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)


Brinnae Bent & Jessilyn Dunn


Join Brinnae Bent and Jessilyn Dunn of Duke University as they lead DiMe's April #AskMeAnything on their NPJ Digital Medicine article, "Investigating Sources of Inaccuracy in Wearable Optical Heartrate Sensors."

Heart rate measurements from wearables are derived from photoplethysmography (PPG), an optical method for measuring changes in blood volume under the skin. Potential inaccuracies in PPG stem from three major areas include diverse skin types, motion artifacts, and signal crossover. This study explored heart rate and PPG data from the consumer- and research-grade wearables under multiple circumstances to test whether and to what extent these inaccuracies exist.

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