Stuart Alan Grant

Stuart Alan Grant

Professor of Anesthesiology

My research interests include regional anesthesia, acute pain management, and ambulatory anesthesia.
Our regional anesthesia group have particular interest in resident education and ultrasound guided nerve block. We also have an interest in the use of continuous peripheral catheter systems and liposomal drug delivery systems for prolonged post operative analgesia. We also investigate the effects of regional anesthesia on patient outcomes.
My ambulatory anesthesia research interests include post operative recovery with particular reference to fitness to drive and the use of regional anesthetic techniques in day surgery. I also have an interest in total intravenous anesthesia and target controlled infusion drug delivery systems.

Appointments and Affiliations

    Contact Information

    • Office Location: 2301 Erwin Road, 5691A Hafs Building, Durham, NC 27710
    • Office Phone: (919) 681-6437
    • Email Address:


    • The Victoria Infirmary, 1998
    • M.B.B.Ch. University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1989

    Courses Taught

    • ANESTH 220C: Clinical Anesthesiology

    Representative Publications

    • Macleod, DB; Grant, SA; Martin, G; Breslin, DS, Identification of coracoid process for infraclavicular blocks., Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, vol 28 no. 5 (2003) [abs].
    • Martin, G; Grant, SA; Macleod, DB; Breslin, DS; Brewer, RP, Severe phantom leg pain in an amputee after lumbar plexus block., Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, vol 28 no. 5 (2003), pp. 475-478 [abs].
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