Current MEDx Projects

2017 MEDx Research Pilot Projects

Ten teams of faculty from Duke Health and Duke Engineering have been awared $50,000 grants to advance collaborative research projects. See funded projects here.

In addition, in a targeted RFA jointly sponsored by the Center for AIDS Research at Duke and MEDx, one team of collaborators from Duke Medicine and Duke Engineering was awarded $60,000. The proposal, "A supramolecular, self-adjuvanting, neonatal HIV vaccine" was submitted by Joel Collier (BME), Genevieve Fouda (Pediatrics) and Sallie Permar (Pediatrics).

Colloquia Series

Six teams of medicine and engineering faculty will hold meetings over the course of the 2015-16 year to discuss shared interests with the goal of sparking new collaborations and pilot research projects. Areas of focus include surgical robotics, cancer screening, neuroengineering, modeling cardiac defects, microbiome synthesis and clinical mobile and wireless technologies.  Learn more

Timothy Reddy and Charles Gersbach

Pilot Projects in Diagnostics & Devices

Six teams of faculty from Duke Health and Duke Engineering have been awarded $50,000 grants to advance collaborative research projects focused on medical devices and diagnostics. See funded projects

Duke-Accenture Partnership

In August 2015 Duke announced a new partnership with Accenture in collaboration with MEDx and the Information Initiative at Duke. Four quantitative science teams have been selected to work on clinical challenges with medical school faculty using Duke Medicine data.

Collaborative Seed Grants for Quantitative Research

Duke MEDx is a co-sponsor of this program, led by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, which has funded eight teams across Duke Health and the university to address quantitiative problems in the basic and clinical sciences. See funded projects

Other Duke Medicine + Engineering Projects

Duke-Coulter Translational Partnership

Each year the Duke-Coulter program funds several collaborative translational research projects that involve co-investigators from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and a clinical department in the Duke University Health System.  See current projects

Examples of Ongoing Projects

The following are just a few examples of Duke research collaborations at the intersection of medicine and engineering. Learn more by searching on the faculty members' names (in parentheses) in the Scholars@Duke database.

Duke Autism & Beyond App

Health Informatics
  • The Bio-SMART Initiative (BioSensing with Machine Augmented Reinvented Toilets): A joint initiative of Duke’s Center for WaSH-AID and MEDx
  • App for early autism screening (Sapiro, Egger)
  • Pre-symptomatic disease diagnosis (Ginsburg, Carin)
Drug & Device Innovation

Nimmi Ramanujam with students

  • Optical Coherence Tomography development to guide eye surgery (Izatt, Toth)
  • Optical detection of breast cancer margins (Ramanujam, Dewhirst, Lee)
  • Drug delivery depots for glucose control (Chilkoti, Feinglos)
  • 3-D mammography with lower radiation exposure (Tornai, Brady)
Tissue & Genetic Engineering
  • 3-D engineered human muscle (Kraus/Bursac/Truskey)
  • Gene editing to cure genetic diseases (Gersbach, Reddy, Crawford)
Reverse-Engineering the Brain
  • Improving Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) (Grill, Turner, Lad, Sapiro)
  • Brain-machine interfaces & neuroprosthetics (Nicolelis, Henriquez)
  • Obama BRAIN Initiative award to develop next-generation MRIs (Song, Sapiro et al)
Basic Science Advances
  • 2-D and 3-D structure of engineered biological materials (Chilkoti, Zauscher, Oas)
  • Atomic-force microscopy for protein folding (Marszalek, Bennett)
  • Human microphysiological systems for drug testing (Kraus, Muoio, Koves, Bursac, Truskey)