Product Design, Brand and Product Marketing

Julie Bryce and Michael Laut headshot

Julie Bryce, B.A., freelance Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Laut, MID, CEO of Laut Design

Sponsored by Duke MEDx and Duke Engineering Entrepreneurship (EngEn)

7 - 10 p.m.
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Registration is required:
Attendance is limited to 75

If you have any questions or after registering you find that you will be unable to attend, contact Donna Crenshaw at

The product design section of the workshop will include:
  • Industry Research: Learn to collect data related to ergonomics, ethnography, style and color preference, to name a few. Knowing your user well means we can earn their brand loyalty.
  • Concept Ideation: Visualizing a concept with sketches is quick, effective, and freeform – meaning it leaves an opportunity for variations and improvement. 
  • Digital Renderings: Learn the value of state-of-the-art hardware and software that allow our team to draw on-screen, producing a more true-to-life image. The end result is a very convincing visual of a refined idea with full color, materials, shading, and lighting.
  • Digital CAD Modeling: CAD models are engineered solutions that address function related to mechanics, electronics, ergonomics, and dozens of other areas critical to product performance. This data is crucial for prototype development, realistic visualization, and manufacturing cost estimation.
  • Photorealistic Renderings: Rendering techniques get investors interested and customers excited. They’re a great way to launch a Kickstarter campaign, start advertising early, or even take pre-orders.
  • Prototype Fabrication: Learn about cutting-edge prototyping capabilities. We employ the latest 3D printing techniques, machining equipment, and automated and manual finishing processes to ensure we’re capable of building a functional, beautiful proof-of-concept out of almost any material.
The branding section of this workshop will include:
The more complex or nuanced, (read: B2B tech) the more your Master Narrative matters. 
In this session, we will:
  • Discuss brand archetypes and how they're helpful navigational stars for startups
  • Learn how to create a Master Narrative by starting with Why, and then answering How and What. 
  • Learn how to effectively use your Master Narrative for the MVV - Minimum Viable Marketing you need to raise and launch 
  • Workshop your company's Master Narrative in real time
  • Review examples we can learn from

Julie Bryce is a corporate America citizen turned advocate for the New Way of Working. She began working as an independent, fractional Chief Marketing Officer in 2018 after 15 years of in-house marketing experience at B2B technology leaders like Red Hat and Oracle as well as startups backed by venture capital firms like Benchmark Capital and Menlo Ventures. Julie's work is predicated on a belief that every organization has an interesting story to tell, but many lack a compelling way to describe what they do and why it matters — in a commercial context and in language anyone can understand. She strives to bring an entrepreneurial mindset and honest authenticity to everything she does: Esse quam videri. She runs on coffee and wine and is unapologetically snobbish about both. She is Partner to Ben, Mom to John, and proudly calls Durham home.

Michael Laut is the CEO and Creative Director at Laut Design here in Raleigh, NC. He’s an alumnus of NC State’s College of Design, holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Design. He is also an adjunct professor in the College of Design’s Industrial Design and Art + Design departments. Laut Design is a creative firm specializing in product design and brand development for Fortune 50 clients, venture-backed firms in areas like RTP and Silicon Valley, as well as lean local start-ups. Laut's Raleigh-based design studio combines design sketching, CAD modeling, branding, and prototyping for projects ranging from medical devices to sporting goods to military equipment. The firm also houses a 3000 sq. ft. machine shop capable of traditional and experimental prototype fabrication processes. Michael has bootstrapped Laut Design as well as a handful of other business ventures, and mentors companies in the start-up phase both professionally and personally.

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