MEDx Announces the 2017 MEDx Colloquia

MEDx is pleased to announce the 2017 MEDx Colloquia. These Colloquia are designed to bring together physicians, engineers, computer scientists, data analysts, and basic and/or clinical researchers with a common interest in employing an interdisciplinary approach to solve complex problems and inspire innovation.

As the Colloquia events are scheduled, they will be advertised on the MEDx website.

“MEDx Biodesign Seminar Series”, led by Craig Henriquez (Biomedical Engineering) and Nandan Lad (Neurosurgery)

“Rational Design of Vaccine Formulation and Delivery for the Infant Immune System”, led by Joel Collier (Biomedical Engineering) and Sallie Permar (Pediatrics)

“Global Surgery Technology Incubator”, led by Robert Malkin (Biomedical Engineering) and Michael Haglund (Neurosurgery)

“Imaging Skin: New Approaches to Assess Pathogenesis and Diagnosis in Skin”, led by Mark Palmeri (Biomedical Engineering) and Russell P. Hall III (Dermatology)

“Translate Photoacoustic Imaging to Guide Shockwave Lithotripsy of Kidney Stones”, led by Junjie Yao (Biomedical Engineering) and Glenn Preminger (Urology)

“MEDx Collaborator Discussions: Pathways to Innovation in Health Care”, led by Olaf Von Ramm (Biomedical Engineering) and Joseph Kisslo (Cardiology)

“Collaborative Investigations of Aging using Microphysiologic Systems”, led by George Truskey (Biomedical Engineering) and Kim Huffman (Rheumatology)

“Duke Myology Group”, led by Charlies Gersbach (Biomedical Engineering) and Edward Smith (Pediatrics)

“Real Time Monitoring of Cardiac Function during Storage to Predict Post-Transplant Outcomes”, led by Olaf Von Ramm (Biomedical Engineering) and Carmelo Milano (Surgery)