Gall Named Associate Director of Duke MEDx

Ken Gall has been appointed associate director of Duke MEDx.

An interdisciplinary scientist whose work focuses on developing and understanding advanced materials for biomedical applications, Gall is a professor and chair of mechanical engineering and materials science in the Pratt School of Engineering.

Ken Gall

He is also founder of the medical device company MedShape, which has five FDA-approved products used in orthopedic surgeries, including a fusion system that keeps ankle joint bones together while healing and soft tissue fasteners to help graft tendons onto the skeleton.  An ankle "nail" he developed to reduce the failure rates of ankle fusion surgeries is currently being studied in clinical trials at Duke Medicine.  (Read more)

"Ken is an outstanding person to serve on the inaugural leadership team of MEDx," said Geoffrey Ginsburg, PhD, MD, director of Duke MEDx. "His work clearly bridges medicine and engineering in ways that will be models for other faculty and students."

Gall began serving as associate director of MEDx in December 2015.