Duke MEDx Announces 2015-2016 Colloquia Teams

Duke MEDx director Geoffrey Ginsburg has announced the results of the program's first RFA for interdisciplinary colloquia designed to bring together physicians, engineers, computer scientists, and basic and/or clinical researchers with a common desire to combine the elements of medicine and engineering to solve complex problems and inspire innovation. 

Six teams co-led by investigators from the Pratt School of Engineering and School of Medicine were selected for funding:

  • Patrick Codd (Neurosurgery) and Kris Hauser (ECE) — “Duke Surgical Robotics”
  • Sharon Hull (Community and Family Medicine) and Nimmi Ramanujam (BME) — “CHeSS: Challenges Seeking Solutions in Primary Care, Cancer and Engineering ”  
  • Nandan Lad (Neurosurgery) and Craig Henriquez (BME)— “Bringing Neuro-engineering to the Clinic”
  • Piers Barker (Pediatrics) and Amanda Randles (BME)—  “Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Virtual 3D Models of Cardiac Defects in Children with CHD”
  • John Rawls (MGM), Lawrence David (MGM) and Claudia Gunsch (CEE) —  “Microbiome Synthesis”
  • Ryan Shaw (School of Nursing) and Tuan Vo-Dinh (BME) — “Mobile and Wireless Technologies”. Learn more

Team leaders will coordinate meetings over the course of the 2015-2016 year to foster interdisciplinary collaboration around each topic.

These colloquia are made possible in part by a gift from the Julius H. Caplan Charity Foundation and Pamela Rosenau.