CAGPM Director, Geoffrey Ginsburg, met with Chilean President

Santiago, Chile -- On January 17, Geoff Ginsburg met with Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet (who is also a physician, as part of a visit there to speak at the first Symposium and Workshop on Genomics and Bioinformatics of Cancer in Santiago.  Geoff and Lori Orlando, who also traveled to Santiago, are developing a collaboration with Pfizer’s Center for Excellence In Personalized Medicine (CEMP) that will  initially focus on genomics of lung cancer in the Chilean population and will include using family history for both discovery and possible clinical applications.  The meeting with the President was to discuss the CEMP’s progress and future and our international collaboration and possibilities for training to enhanced capacity building there in precision medicine.  Present at the meeting (and in the photo) were members of CEMP leadership as well as Corfo an organization to foster economic development in the life sciences for Chile.