MEDx investigator, Samira Musah, speaks at UCI Samueli School of Engineering

December 6, 2021

Musah detailed her work reconstituting human glomerular function by using a microfluidic organ-on-a-chip device.


Rapid Test Identifies Antibody Effectiveness Against COVID-19 Variants

December 6, 2021

Test could measure patient immunity against multiple COVID-19 variants such as Omicron and Delta at once and inform which synthetic monoclonal antibody to use for treatments. MEDx and CAGPM investigators part of the team.

COVID variant

Dean Klotman recognizes MEDx in her Friday Message

December 3, 2021

A special recognition to our newest Barr-Spach scholars and congratulations to Geoff Ginsburg on his new role!

Dean Klotman

Need Funding? EGC is hosting an NIH Application Assistance Program

December 1, 2021

Eva Garland Consulting is hosting a National Institutes of Health Application Assistance Program! This program is designed to increase the number of applications submitted by underrepresented small businesses and entrepreneurs. The application portal will close on Dec. 10, 2021 so be sure to apply soon if you're interested!

First Flight

Dunn featured in NIBIB Science Highlight for wearables study

December 1, 2021

MEDx investigator, Jessilyn Dunn, highlighted for recent Nature publication using wearables to indicate changes in clinical laboratory tests.

Jessilyn Dunn

Call for Applications: The AI Health Equity Scholars Program

December 1, 2021

Applications must be submitted by Fri., Dec. 10, 2021 by 10 p.m. EST

Duke AI

2021/22 FAST Program North Carolina

November 30, 2021

Attend Fri., Dec. 2 and learn how to submit competitive grants to win small business innovative research and small business technology transfer non-dilutive funding


Call for Applications: 2022 mHealth Training Institute

November 30, 2021

Application deadline is Feb. 20, 2022

typing on a computer

Nobel Laureate Dr. Jennifer Doudna and Groundbreaking Applications of CRISPR

November 29, 2021

In 2011, Dr. Jennifer Doudna began studying an enzyme called Cas9. Little did she know, in 2020 she would go on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Emmanuelle Charpentier for discovering the powerful gene-editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9.

Jennifer Doudna holding a Model of CRISPR-cas9

Organ-on-a-chip: Better health care through superior drug testing

November 23, 2021

Duke biomedical engineer and MEDx investigator, Shyni Varghese, is developing a platform to more effectively winnow out pharmaceuticals that are likely to be ineffective before they reach human trials. Research is supported by a grant from the Kaganov Research Initiative in Pulmonary Medicine and Engineering.

Shyni Varghese