Product Design, Branding, and Marketing

Monday, February 22, 2021 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Julie Bryce, B.A., Freelance Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Laut, MID, CEO of Laut Design


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Julie Bryce, B.A., freelance Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Laut, MID, CEO of Laut Design


Registration is required: If you have any questions or after registering you find that you will be unable to attend, contact Donna Crenshaw at The product design section of the workshop will include: Industry Research: Learn to collect data related to ergonomics, ethnography, style and color preference, to name a few. Concept Ideation: Visualizing a concept with sketches is quick, effective, and freeform - meaning it leaves an opportunity for variations and improvement. Digital Renderings: Learn the value of state-of-the-art hardware and software that allow our team to draw on-screen, producing a more true-to-life image. Digital CAD Modeling: CAD models are engineered solutions that address function related to mechanics, electronics, ergonomics, and dozens of other areas critical to product performance. Photorealistic Renderings: Rendering techniques get investors interested and customers excited. Prototype Fabrication: Learn about cutting-edge prototyping capabilities. The branding section of this workshop will include: Discuss brand archetypes and how they're helpful navigational stars for startups Learn how to create a Master Narrative by starting with Why, and then answering How and What. Learn how to effectively use your Master Narrative for the MVV - Minimum Viable Marketing you need to raise and launch Workshop your company's Master Narrative in real time


Crenshaw, Donna

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