MEDx Pilot Project RFP Instructions - 2020

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I. Purpose

Duke MEDx pilot project grants will facilitate the formation of new collaborations or expand existing collaborations between regular rank faculty in Medicine and Engineering. Projects responsive to this call for proposals will benefit human health by providing important disease insights or developing technologies to aid in disease prevention, diagnosis or treatment. The desired outcomes of the projects are eventual development of a commercial product and/or translation of the research into clinical practice.

These grants should also catalyze research that will be competitive for follow-on support and further development through grants (e.g. Duke CTSI, Coulter Foundation, SBIT/STTR), not-for-profit or industry partnering, sponsored research, licensing, or new company formation. Applicants are encouraged to describe the opportunities for follow-on support and to outline the potential pathway for eventual clinical translation or commercialization.

Projects may be a new collaboration between regular rank faculty in Medicine and Engineering or a new project for existing collaborators. These awards are not meant to provide bridge funding for existing projects.

The awards are up to $50,000 (direct costs only, and no faculty effort may be included). Multiple proposals will be funded.

II. Key Dates

  • Application Submission Deadline: June 15, 2020, 11:59 P.M.
  • Selection of Awardees: Target date is no later than mid July 2020
  • Funding Period: The budget period is for up to 12 months beginning on the date of award

III. Eligibility

A regular rank faculty member from the School of Medicine and a regular rank faculty member in the Pratt School of Engineering must submit an application as co-PIs. A Medicine or Engineering faculty member acting as PI may submit more than one proposal, but a faculty member may receive only one grant. Team members from other schools at Duke (e.g. Arts & Sciences, School of the Environment) are welcome.

If investigators need assistance finding collaborators, MEDx will attempt to help.

IV. Funding

Each award will consist of up to $50,000 (direct costs only) with an expected start date no later than mid July 1, 2020, or at a time that the PI's are able to re-initiate their research activities. Successful applicants will be expected to provide a mid-term progress update and a final report indicating progress towards the stated objectives and achieving follow-up funding, any publications that are in progress and other achievements.

V. Proposal Preparation

Consultation is optional; notification of intent to apply is requested. If you wish to consult with a member of the MEDx team, please see the MEDx website for office hours (aka MEDx Caf