MEDx Lunch

MEDx is pleased to announce MEDx Lunch: a new opportunity for students and trainees to connect with medicine and engineering faculty over lunch.

How it works:
  • Undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs and fellows in the Pratt School of Engineering and School of Medicine are eligible to participate.
  • Invite a faculty member from the other school to lunch (medicine if you're in engineering, or engineering if you're in medicine). You can choose someone who might be able to provide insight into your research, educational path or career path based on his or her unique expertise. To find a faculty member, browse the list of MEDx faculty.
  • Let MEDx know when the faculty member accepts your invitation, and we will provide you with a $40 voucher for lunch!
Get started

Invite your faculty member to lunch, then contact us to request your voucher.

Use our contact form to send us the following information (required):

  • Your name, degree program and school
  • Name and title of your faculty member
  • Date and time of your scheduled lunch meeting
  • 1-2 sentences about what you plan to discuss

Questions? Call Pamela Smith at 919-668-MEDX (6339).