Liping Feng

Liping Feng

Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Liping Feng, MD's research has focused on understanding the mechanisms of pregnancy complications associated with placental development. These works are translated then to the clinical care of women through studies dedicated to identify risk factors and novel biomarkers for early prediction and prevention of adverse birth outcomes.

Dr. Feng devotes her entire career to improving pregnancy outcomes through innovative research. Dr. Feng conducts both basic science/laboratory research, as well as participates in clinical studies. Her laboratory has focused on understanding the mechanisms of placenta-originated pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia and still birth, which are important causes of perinatal and neonates’ mortality and morbidity. Currently, she has three lines of investigation focused on the roles of inflammation/infection, cell aging, and environmental exposure in placental development and subsequent pregnancy complications.

In addition, Dr. Feng has established an international collaboration in Global Women’s Health. She has affiliated with the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) and participates in a DGHI research. She has an interest in DGHI education, and service or policy initiatives, including mentoring and teaching graduate and professional students on fieldwork and research.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Associate Research Professor of Global Health
  • Assistant Professor in Pathology

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 701 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701
  • Office Phone: +1 919 613 1459
  • Email Address:
  • Websites:


  • M.S. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China), 2000
  • M.D. Harbin Medical University (China), 1997

Research Interests

Maternal Environmental Exposure of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Pregnancy Outcomes.

Ureaplasma Parvum Infection and Preterm Premature Rupture of Fetal Membranes.

PGRMC1 Functions and cell aging in Fetal Membranes and Placentas.

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship. Harbin Medical University.. 1997
  • Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship. Harbin Medical University.. 1996
  • Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship. Harbin Medical University.. 1995
  • Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship. Harbin Medical University.. 1994
  • Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship. Harbin Medical University.. 1993

Courses Taught

  • PATHOL 293: Research Independent Study
  • NEUROSCI 495: Research Independent Study 3
  • NEUROSCI 494: Research Independent Study 2
  • NEUROSCI 493: Research Independent Study 1
  • NEUROSCI 150: Research Practicum
  • GLHLTH 393: Research Independent Study in Global Health
  • ENVIRON 393: Research Independent Study
  • BIOLOGY 293: Research Independent Study

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Yu, G; Luo, T; Liu, Y; Huo, X; Mo, C; Huang, B; Li, Y; Feng, L; Sun, Y; Zhang, J; Zhang, Z, Multi-omics reveal disturbance of glucose homeostasis in pregnant rats exposed to short-chain perfluorobutanesulfonic acid., Ecotoxicol Environ Saf, vol 278 (2024) [10.1016/j.ecoenv.2024.116402] [abs].
  • Tan, Y; Yao, H; Lin, C; Lai, Z; Li, H; Zhang, J; Fu, Y; Wu, X; Yang, G; Feng, L; Jing, C, Investigating the Bidirectional Association of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Thyroid Function: A Methodologic Assessment of Mendelian Randomization., Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken) (2024) [10.1002/acr.25335] [abs].
  • Zhu, X; Huang, Q; Jiang, L; Nguyen, V-T; Vu, T; Devlin, G; Shaima, J; Wang, X; Chen, Y; Ma, L; Xiang, K; Wang, E; Rong, Q; Zhou, Q; Kang, Y; Asokan, A; Feng, L; Hsu, S-WD; Shen, X; Yao, J, Longitudinal intravital imaging of mouse placenta., Sci Adv, vol 10 no. 12 (2024) [10.1126/sciadv.adk1278] [abs].
  • Marchese, MJ; Zhu, T; Hawkey, AB; Wang, K; Yuan, E; Wen, J; Be, SE; Levin, ED; Feng, L, Prenatal and perinatal exposure to Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)-contaminated drinking water impacts offspring neurobehavior and development., Sci Total Environ, vol 917 (2024) [10.1016/j.scitotenv.2024.170459] [abs].
  • Liu, Y; Li, S; Liu, B; Zhang, J; Wang, C; Feng, L, Maternal urban particulate matter (SRM 1648a) exposure disrupted the cellular immune homeostasis during early life: The potential attribution of altered placental transcriptome profile., Sci Total Environ, vol 912 (2024) [10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.169432] [abs].