MEDx Colloquia Information and Application

Program Information

MEDx is pleased to offer support for interdisciplinary colloquia that bring together physicians, engineers, computer scientists, data analysts, and basic and/or clinical researchers with a common desire to combine the elements of medicine and engineering to solve complex problems and inspire innovation.

Awards of up to $2,500 will be provided to support each successful proposal. Proposals seeking funding of up to $5,000 will be considered with adequate justification. Funds can be used to cover food, meeting venues, external speakers or other meeting costs.

In the past, successful colloquia have held events to explore new research topics and faculty collaborations, pursue a particular grant or funding source for research, etc. Previous winners have planned a variety of events to accomplish their colloquia goals, including: small dinner events, speaker/lecture series, day-long symposia with collaborators from other universities/partners, etc.  


Proposals must be submitted by teams representing both the Duke University School of Medicine and the Pratt School of Engineering. Applicants for funding must be from at least two faculty members – at least one with an appointment in a School of Medicine department and the other in a Pratt department. The appointments will preferably be primary appointments. Faculty from other disciplines and schools may also join the Pratt-SoM teams. 

Colloquia events may have any format, but should be designed to bring together faculty members (and possibly trainees) with diverse perspectives.

Proposals that articulate a plan to sustain interactions – beyond the initial colloquium supported by MEDx – and/or prepare joint grant applications to a Duke or external funding mechanism with be given more weight.


Applications must be received on or before Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Successful applicants will be informed in March, with funding available in the weeks following the award announcement. Funds should be used within one year of the award. 

Submit a Proposal

Before beginning the application, compose a one-page description of the proposed colloquium that includes:

  • Goals
  • Potential participants
  • Format of the meeting(s)
  • Plan for advertising
  • Budget
  • A plan to sustain interactions and/or prepare joint grant applications

Then, click on the application button. Through the application you upload your one-page description and submit your proposal for a MEDx Inter-School Colloquium.


Submit an Application


Have questions? Please email Brittany Ploss or drop by the MEDx Café.