Hashim Al-Hashimi

Hashim Al-Hashimi

James B. Duke Professor of Biochemistry

Appointments and Affiliations

  • James B. Duke Professor of Biochemistry
  • Professor of Biochemistry
  • Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information:

  • Email Address: hashim.al.hashimi@duke.edu


  • Ph.D. Yale University, 2000

Courses Taught:

  • BIOCHEM 393: Research Independent Study
  • BIOCHEM 593: Research Independent Study
  • BIOCHEM 695: Macromolecular Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography
  • PHARM 493: Research Independent Study
  • PHARM 494: Research Independent Study

Representative Publications:

    • Stelling, AL; Xu, Y; Zhou, H; Choi, SH; Clay, MC; Merriman, DK; Al-Hashimi, HM, Robust IR-based detection of stable and fractionally populated G-C+ and A-T Hoogsteen base pairs in duplex DNA., FEBS Letters, vol 591 no. 12 (2017), pp. 1770-1784 [10.1002/1873-3468.12681] [abs].
    • Sathyamoorthy, B; Shi, H; Zhou, H; Xue, Y; Rangadurai, A; Merriman, DK; Al-Hashimi, HM, Insights into Watson-Crick/Hoogsteen breathing dynamics and damage repair from the solution structure and dynamic ensemble of DNA duplexes containing m1A., Nucleic Acids Research, vol 45 no. 9 (2017), pp. 5586-5601 [10.1093/nar/gkx186] [abs].
    • Vaidyanathan, PP; AlSadhan, I; Merriman, DK; Al-Hashimi, HM; Herschlag, D, Pseudouridine and N6-methyladenosine modifications weaken PUF protein/RNA interactions., RNA (New York, N.Y.), vol 23 no. 5 (2017), pp. 611-618 [10.1261/rna.060053.116] [abs].
    • Patwardhan, NN; Ganser, LR; Kapral, GJ; Eubanks, CS; Lee, J; Sathyamoorthy, B; Al-Hashimi, HM; Hargrove, AE, Amiloride as a new RNA-binding scaffold with activity against HIV-1 TAR., MedChemComm, vol 8 no. 5 (2017), pp. 1022-1036 [10.1039/c6md00729e] [abs].
    • Szymanski, ES; Kimsey, IJ; Al-Hashimi, HM, Direct NMR Evidence that Transient Tautomeric and Anionic States in dG·dT Form Watson-Crick-like Base Pairs., Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol 139 no. 12 (2017), pp. 4326-4329 [10.1021/jacs.7b01156] [abs].