Geraldine Dawson

Geraldine Dawson

Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Geraldine Dawson is Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Pediatrics, and Psychology and Neuroscience and Director of the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development at Duke University, North Carolina. Dawson is President of the International Society for Autism Research. She serves as a member of the NIH Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) which develops the federal strategic plan for autism research, services, and policy. Dawson is a licensed practicing clinical psychologist and scientist, having published extensively on early detection and treatment of autism and brain development. Dawson is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society and American Psychological Association, and is Associate Editor or on editorial boards of four scientific journals. Dawson’s awards include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Psychological Science for outstanding contributions to the area of applied psychological research that addresses a critical problem in society at large.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Professor in Pediatrics
  • Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Affiliate of the Center for Child and Family Policy

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Pavilion East At Lakeview, 2608 Erwin Road, Room 3126, Duke University Med Center, Durham, NC 27705
  • Office Phone: (919) 668-0070
  • Email Address:
  • Websites:


  • University of California at Los Angeles, 1980
  • Ph.D. University of Washington, 1979

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award. Association for Psychological Science. 2012
  • Fellow. Association for Psychological Science. 2006

Courses Taught

  • ARTS&SCI 396: Bass Connections: Interdisciplinary Team Projects
  • ARTS&SCI 796: Bass Connections: Interdisciplinary Team Projects
  • NEUROSCI 150: Research Practicum
  • NEUROSCI 494: Research Independent Study 2
  • PSY 203: Practicum
  • PSY 394: Research Independent Study
  • PSY 493: Research Independent Study
  • PSY 494: Research Independent Study

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Campbell, K; Carpenter, KL; Hashemi, J; Espinosa, S; Marsan, S; Borg, JS; Chang, Z; Qiu, Q; Vermeer, S; Adler, E; Tepper, M; Egger, HL; Baker, JP; Sapiro, G; Dawson, G, Computer vision analysis captures atypical attention in toddlers with autism., Autism (2018) [10.1177/1362361318766247] [abs].
  • Jones, EJH; Dawson, G; Webb, SJ, Sensory hypersensitivity predicts enhanced attention capture by faces in the early development of ASD., Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, vol 29 (2018), pp. 11-20 [10.1016/j.dcn.2017.04.001] [abs].
  • St John, T; Dawson, G; Estes, A, Brief Report: Executive Function as a Predictor of Academic Achievement in School-Aged Children with ASD., Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, vol 48 no. 1 (2018), pp. 276-283 [10.1007/s10803-017-3296-9] [abs].
  • Murias, M; Major, S; Davlantis, K; Franz, L; Harris, A; Rardin, B; Sabatos-DeVito, M; Dawson, G, Validation of eye-tracking measures of social attention as a potential biomarker for autism clinical trials., Autism Research, vol 11 no. 1 (2018), pp. 166-174 [10.1002/aur.1894] [abs].
  • , Meta-analysis of GWAS of over 16,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorder highlights a novel locus at 10q24.32 and a significant overlap with schizophrenia, Molecular Autism, vol 8 no. 1 (2017) [10.1186/s13229-017-0137-9] [abs].